The only thing you need to do is simply tapping the 'Start Tracking' button before your 1st run, and then enjoy your day, we will take care of the rest.

Powderful tracks your runs automatically, our intelligent algorithm detects the beginning and the end of a run by constantly tracking altitude changes. For say, when you get on a chairlift ride, Powderful ends the run automatically and waits for a new run to begin.


As you enjoy your day on the mountain, Powderful can talk to you to keep you informed.

Need to know your speed? Just create a target speed alert, Powderful will speak to you once you reach your speed target. Need to know what time it is? Just set a time announcement interval, and Powderful will keep you updated accordingly.

  • Works with iPod
    Before an alert being announced, Powderful will turn down the music volume temporary, and mix the alert with your music, how cool is that?
  • Supported Speech Alerts
    Configurable Speed Alerts, Time Announcement (Configurable Interval), Battery Level and End Of Run Report.

You can set up a low-battery threshold (e.g. 30%), that once your phone battery drops below this level, Powderful will automatically stop tracking to preserve battery power, so that you don't have to worry about running out of battery.

You can also ask Powderful to keep you informed about your battery level via Speech Alert.

There are tons of goodies in Powderful waiting for you to discover, to name a few:

  • Share Run To Facebook & Twitter
  • Export Run to 3D Google Earth
  • Metric & Imperial Unit Support
  • Handcrafted Pixel-perfect UI

Download Powderful today and make your runs 10x more fun.